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A Clean Home is a Happy Home

It's more than just delivering the highest standard of cleanliness for our customers. It's about giving our customers peace of mind knowing that when they come home, they're coming home to a peaceful and stress free atmosphere. Studies show an untidy home can greatly affect your outlook and mental state, and after a hard day's work, you need to be able to come home to clean counters and tidy rooms and simply unwind. That's our goal whenever we visit our clients home. 

Kendra Crane


Wheat Field



Simply clean is one of the few cleaning services to use all natural products made with essential oils to give your house a natural clean. With high regard towards the clients needs and desires, Simply Clean is the natural choice for your cleaning needs.

Modern Living Room

Hear from our Clients

Such a great Service!​

“We have been utilizing Kendra’s cleaning services for several months now and have been very impressed. Kendra is very easy to communicate with and is always accommodating to scheduling requests."

Jeff & Joan


Better Clean
The  Natural Way

Thieves Household Cleaner provides peace of mind by using only plant-based and naturally derived ingredients to effectively clean your home without taking synthetic shortcuts or using potentially harsh ingredients.

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